This is day 2 of this new painting and it's quite slow going for me.  All I am doing is blocking in the figures and, I think, I have only done the two middle ones and half of the third one so still a long way to go yet.  My husband actually likes this one too.  I am still only using the two colours that I usually use and they are raw umber and titanium white.  Also this is not on canvas but on board which gives a lovely flat surface to work on.  All you have to do with board is to make sure that you prepare the board really well.  I have painted 3 layers of oil painting primer on to this and then sanded it down a bit just to flatten it off a bit and to remove any little lumps that you get sometimes.  I really like the oil primer too, it seems to suit the oil paint much better than gesso or acrylic paint.  The only other thing that I do notice with using the boards is that the board seems to suck all of the oil out of the paint thus making it dry really quickly, which is useful really.  The only possible down side to that is that it has a very flat finish so, if you want it to be shiny might be best to use a different surface.  I quite like the very flat matt finish.

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