Just realised I haven't loaded on the photo of today's work so will be back in a while........you can't get the staff you know!!

Still got loads to do on this painting called "Au Coeur Brise".  Will carry on trying to get the right shape to the nose, (been having a right royal battle with that) and the eyes have only had a couple of washes on them and no detail put in, as yet.  Only using 2 colours still and they are raw umber and titanium white.  Also I am thinking that I am going to leave the background as bare canvas but will see how it goes.  It really looks quite spooky in real life with only part of the canvas coloured and I like that.  Will go back to it now as I am in the middle of trying to shape and add depth to the chee

7/12/2012 02:59:22 am

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