Took three paintings down to this gallery in Leamington Spa today, it's below Gaia, Regent Place, Leamington Spa.  I though it was lovely really had a homely feel.  I actually did used to visit this gallery when I lived near to it many years ago.  Then we had the Easter floods, can't remember what year that was, and I think it all got ruined in there.  Looks great now though.  I really liked some of the paintings and photographs that were in the gallery, one of the pieces I can remember from Kenilworth Festival last year (that's because I can remember admiring it there).  Adam is the guy in the picture and he was really nice too.  Visit if you around Leamington you're sure to get a big welcome.

P.S  I don't know what happened just then but I thought I'd just wiped the whole of my diary out, phew!

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