This is the painting that I was on about yesterday, it has been causing many, many problems for me.  First of all I was going from an image that I had but the perspective was all wrong yesterday so I couldn't put it on here.  Today I asked my daughter if she would "strike the pose" for me (she was dressed) and it has now started to look much better.  I am also using a different surface, mdf, which is not that brilliant because of the way that I use the oil paint.  I have primed the mdf using oil primer and the surface is so smooth it has no "tooth" and the paint just smears about.  What I have ended up doing is using it almost the same consistency as water colour.  Only two colours on here at the moment and those are my usual for underpainting titanium white and raw umber.  Also the left arm is still not quite right but I cant alter that until this layer is dry.  This one is much bigger than I have been doing of late

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