I started to work on the scarf and then realised that the nose was in the wrong position.  Hence the muddy looking face that's peering out of it.  Still mainly working in monotone and this will carry on until it is right.  I think I might have to bring the hood down slightly further over the face too but I will wait until I have put in the shadows, it might be ok.  I am covered in this red paint that's on here, don't know how I've managed that but never mind, I do look like a proper painter wearing most of it.  Not sure when this one will be dry enough to continue working on it, possible in a couple of days.  In the meantime I will carry on with the golf painting, which has also been drying.  I've got loads of paintings in my head at the moment but just waiting for some more canvasses to arrive so that I can get them started.

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