I had to carry this, on it's plate, all the way through Leamington to the gallery today, what a mess by the time I arrived there.  Beans were everywhere, my egg had broken and got followed by a couple of dogs (the animal variety I might add).  Still I got there and was able to sort it all out.  On this there are 2 mushrooms, 2 halves of tomato, 2 sausages, 1 piece of bacon (not so keen on that), 1 fried egg and some beans.  This is just the underpainting, it will be coloured later.  I have also got to sort out the plate, I must remember to buy some masking fluid this time. 

Another thing that I had to do today, under durress from the Gerry Smith of the gallery 150, was sit outside and paint "plein air".  Never ever done that before but it turned out all ok.  I think I have to thank Gerry Smith for making me step into the unknown, each time I do it another milestone has been achieved, I feel more able to work in public and my confidence is raised more and more. 

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