I've made the usual mistakes with my varnishing of paintings today.  First one, shut door of studio and dont open any windows.  It says on the bottle "always use in a well ventilated space" but I'm not one to look at instructions, well not until all else fails ofcourse.  How am I now?  Slowly coming down but have got a bit of a headache, I am having trouble seeing the cursor and even bigger trouble trying to control it.  I felt sick so I thought a packet of cheese and onion crisps would do the trick there.  The studio absolutely stinks so, only now, have I opened the windows to let some air in.  Ten minutes ago, in the kitchen, I bent down to pick something up off the floor and my head tried to follow my hand.  It's not a good place to be in I can tell you.  Always ventilate when varnishing even if it is cold outside.  The pic is of the studio and the paintings that are littered around drying off.  Hopefully today I will be able to put some work on here later, that is if the head clears enough to be able to find the paint brushes.   

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