I started this last night, it's just a cup of coffee, you can tell I kinda ran out of ideas really.  I still have some more to do, for one thing I have to try and straighten it up.  The more I did on it the less round it became, it also got bigger.  I liked doing the bubbly bits in the middle.  To know what this looked like I had to keep stirring it up with the end of my paint brush.

Anyway something more exciting that I managed to do, after weeks and weeks of trying, was to add a link to my Facebook page on my home page.  I only really know the basics of computering so this was to be my ultimate challenge and this morning I achieved it.  I am still trying to find out how to put the "Like" button on it though.  What a day!!

P.S  If you click on Home at the top of this page you will find it at the bottom of that page.  I'd love to have some more friends on there too, if you want that is, all you have to do is click on the "Wendy Cook" that's just above the picture.

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