I am between paintings at the moment so I thought that I would do a still life to tide me over.  Also I'm away on holiday at the end of this week so I dont really want to start anything too big as I will have forgotten what I was doing by the time I get back.  This is just a red pepper and it has only got 3 layers of paint on at the moment.  The first layer was raw umber and titanium white to mark it out and to put depth where it needed to be.  The second layer was deep cadium red hue and sap green and the same for the third layer.  I will continue to build up the colour in this way until I think that it is finished.  When using these strong colours I have found that it better to build in layers rather than put one thick one on because of the drying time.  I have also used the medium light drying oil mixed with the colours so that it dries even quicker.

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