I have started yet another painting and still have 2 others on the go.  The balloons is still having layers added and "Keith" is having his sides painting, so to speak.  I have been in a bit of a tizz wondering which ones to send where.  I had applied to Rugby for 2 of them and then decided to change one of the paintings, fortunately Rugby Art Gallery were very accommodating with that and have altered it.  That left 2 to go to Kenilworth and then I had to find one for Coventry.  I dont like putting paintings in exhibitions that have already been exhibited somewhere else so sometimes it can be a bit of a juggling act sorting them out.  There is another 2 that have to go somewhere but I have lost track of that one, no doubt I will remember soon enough.

Anyway to this painting that I started yesterday, it's a pile of old books and those legs in the background belong to another painting called Em.  As usual I have started with just raw umber and titanium white to build up the depth then I will start to add colour.  I am thinking of putting something on top of the books but, at the moment, I dont know what.  It's just a little bit boring being just of books I think that it needs a bit of a twist.  I might have to spill something on them so that it is all running down the sides.

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