Here's the golfing painting that I've just started.  I saw the image on the front cover of a magazine and really liked it, thought it would make a really nice painting.  I'm not sure yet whether it will be grass that the tee is being stuck into or something else, I'll think about that one.  I loved the shadows on the image on the magazine and I think that's why I decided to do it.  This once again is just underpainted in raw umber and white.  I will build up the glove and ball with layers of white and raw umber until I have the right depth.  Hopefull at the finish it will be a white leather glove.

PS Between you and I, I was contemplating adding something that would be Tiger Woods and his private life, if I dont I dont.  Watch this s

9/25/2012 02:40:36 am

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