Well I have returned to the shell painting that I started last week, I think.  This is day 2 of it.  What I have been trying to do is to build up depth in the shell.  It's still not quite there but, I think, it's heading in the right direction.  It better had be because I ruined another brush working on this one.  Colours that I have used are burnt umber, raw umber and lots of titanium white and then blended them all in all over the shell in a half circle motion.  (I also used fingers just a little bit).  The inside of the shell needs to have some much darker shade on it but I cant do that until this is dry, if I had it would have got very muddy.  Also the part of the shell that wraps around and goes inside also needs to have a lot more depth but, once again, I cant do that until it all dries.

I wont be able to put anything on here tomorrow because I am off for a day's drag racing a Santa Pod, yeah cant wait!  So will see you all on Monday, hope you have a lovely Sunday too.

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