This is the work that I have managed to get done today, started this yesterday but all I had done was a bit of a sketch with the paint.  I dont actually know if you can call what I do sketching but I dont really know what else to call it.  Originally I started this is raw umber and white but I decided that it would be better to use lamp black and white.  That means it will take a month of Sundays to dry before I can do some more on it.  I have found a little trick though and that is I use the fast drying white and that does seem to speed all the paints drying time if you mix it with it.  I dont know if you can tell who it's going to be yet,  you will be able to, hopefully, when it's finished though. 

Alison Bagley
7/13/2010 09:02:30 pm

I think this is the man who's car I must never get in !


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