Today I have been trying to bring this painting back to where it should be and I'm not sure yet whether I am succeeding or not.  I had to start again with white washes over the top of what I did to it yesterday.

I have also taken another painting (Coulrophobia) over to The Gallery in Stratford Upon Avon's Leisure Centre for an exhibition that will start on Friday.  They asked me to go to the Private View on Thursday evening but, as usual, it clashes with the one in Rugby and it would be impossible to get to both they are too far away from each other.  I was really impressed with the Leisure Centre, despite there being a swimming pool there it didn't reek of chlorine in the cafe.  I thought it was a lovely place and the gallery, which is upstairs above the cafe, was a lovely space too. 

I have been working in a complete mess today as I have paintings all over the floor, I am painting the sides (a mindblowingly boring job and a very dirty one too).  I have put a picture of the studio down below here so that you can see what I mean.

Hello Roan Star Sailing, (one of my favourite visitors). Thank you for those words. Best wishes Wendyxx
4/13/2010 08:37:21 pm

Hi Wendy,

Great to hear that you are so busy with both of your current exhibitions.

I really like reading your artists diary. It's interesting to see how you work. I am sure your latest painting will get there eventually. Sometimes, paintings have to go through difficult stages so you can figure out where to go next.

Good Luck with the exhibitions.

9/28/2012 09:34:05 pm

Good article bro


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