The conch is resting, facing the wall in disgrace.  That meant that I had to start another or I would have had to do my domestic chores instead.  this is a boiled egg in an eggcup with a toast finger in it, or rather, that will be what it is when I have finished.  This was started today at about 2pm.  3 colours have been used to start it, raw umber, titanium white and a small amout of cadium yellow.  The only reason I used the cadium yellow was so that I didn't forget that yolk was at the top of the egg.  I also intend to run the yolk all over the place as that is what I have done with the real thing.  The top of the egg does appear much bigger and that is because it is supposed to be nearer to the viewer, just thought I'd tell you that.  It has got to dry off now before I can do anymore layers and I also have to make everyone's dinner so bye for now, speak again tomorrow.

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