Whew what a day!  I have got very messy today, white primer everywhere, dont know how it happened.  Richard from Regent Studios gave me an idea when I took 2 of my paintings in for framing.  He thought that the eggshells one was much larger than it actually is, it's only 12"x16".  That made me think that it would be brilliant to try to do a huge one of the eggshells, I have bought some board 3'x2' and they needed to be primed for oil paint.  I got it on me, my clothes, my coffee table and the mat.  I cant get some of it off my hands so I think it will just have to wear off, still I've walked around with paint on before now so I dont suppose it matters.

I also got a little bit more done to this painting of a banana, this is also only 12"x16" so it's not a giant.  I have added another coat of titanium white blended with raw umber and, on the skin, a coat of Naples Yellow blended with Raw umber.  I am not sure that I will keep with that particular yellow as it might get a bit too bright but we'll see.  Also the banana that I am using has died so I've had to find another one (I dont know why this text has suddenly gone like this, I cant seem to get rid of it). 

3/16/2011 11:46:55 am

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