Day w of this new portrait and I've been working with a horrible headache all day.  Think it might be a prelude to a cold because I dont normally get them.  I have continued to work in just the two colours of raw umber and titanium white.  I went to look at a gallery today too, it's a really nice one and belongs to the local artists group here in Leamington and I couldn't understand why I hadn't bothered to join this group as it's in my home town.  I found out why I hadn't done it before, on the application for membership you have to submit pics of your paintings and get them approved by someone or other so that you can join.  Well I have sent them this site address and let's see if I can get in.  Think that might be why I joined one of the Coventry ones.

3/29/2011 01:50:10 pm

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.


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