My camera really does not like taking a photo of this painting, I cant get rid of noise on it, probably something to do with the contrasts I dont know.  Anyway, yesterday I carried on puttin layers of sap green, raw umber and titanium white on to the pear.  All of these colours were blended on the canvas and using liquin as a medium (makes it dry quick).  This morning, however, I looked at it and was happy enough with the way it was looking but, as a painting, I thought it was pretty boring really.  I then decided that, in order to add a bit of interest, I would take a bite out of it.  the problem was that as I started to put on the white where the bite mark was supposed to be, I could have destroyed the whole thing and ended up binning it.  Amazingly I think it is working.  I still have a few more layers to add, both to the outside of the pear and to the bite and will,m

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