Well on day 2 I have managed to add some more colour to the leaves and to the corn itself.  The only problem was that, as I got further down the sweetcorn, it started to get muddier.  This should be easy to rectify when it's dry.  I was thinking that it would need more layers anyway.  I have moved the leaves since yesterday, (with great difficulty and much swearing I can tell you), too.  The very end of the sweetcorn I have not done anything with as yet, the little yellow bits are missing from there and I have got to think about how I am going to paint that on to the painting.  Colours used are the same as yesterday but with the addition cadium lemon hue.

9/8/2010 02:44:41 pm

Hi Wendy,
We eat a lot of these here, locally we call them mealies and the staple diet for the country is mealie meal or milled mealies, like couscous.

That end bit you could do with a thick creamy white paint, laid on and then scratched into with a stick or something. Then the shadows from the light will make the texture you need? I did that once in a similar area and it worked wonders.

Oc course it depends on whether it fits with the rest of the painting. If you do that on the end bit, you may want to do some areas in the leaves too, by laying on thickish paint and drawing in the lines, which are quite pronounced in those mealie leaves.

Good Luck!


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