Day 3 of this painting and I think it's about done.  I have added some darker edges around the bite and a little more titanium white where highlights needed to go.  I have also added a little dribble to the bottom of the bit, I think you can only just see it in the photo.  Sorry about the poor photo again but my camera really doesn't like taking pics of these latest paintings.  I could look in the instructions for the camera but that would be going against everything that I believe in. 

There will not be any updates on here now until Monday 23 August as I am away sailing out of Torquay, so see you all then, hope you have a great weekend and week.

8/25/2010 12:21:44 am

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for directing me here, i have really enjoyed going through your diary which is such a good idea and great for people like me who are also 'self-taught' which means 'have a non-conventional way of doing things'!
Do you stretch your own canvases or buy them ready? And do you have a favourite initial 'primer'? Someone once told me egg white is the best.
Interesting that you use raw umber for your under painting - that's a classic technique and works so well.
And how long are you able to spend each day on your painting?


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