Got another layer of white put onto the glove of this golfing painting.  That's probably the only colour I will continue to add now until I put in more detail.  The golf ball will have to have it's dimples put on and I am not sure at all how I am going to do that.  I might use my oil pencils, draw them on and then paint over the top of them.  The glove also should have more detail, I think they need little air holes, that shouldn't be too hard, famous last words there.  I can remember thinking that about another painting and it turned out to be the hardest one I hav ever done. 


I have also done a little more to this one.  All I am doing at the moment is using raw umber and white to build up depth in the painting.  Once I am at a point where I am happy with that then I will add some colour.  The only place I have worked on is the eyes, face and the edge of the hood.  Still working the wrong way around, no sketching,

7/14/2012 04:28:16 am

Fine info dude


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