This is a new portrait that is almost finished, only needs some of the edges tidied up.  I actually forgot to post the stages of this one whilst I was doing it.  I can say that I started with the usual raw umber and white then added colour in layers.  I had a problem with the eyes as it is so long since I have done any like this I could not think how to do them.  In the end I built up the first layers with Paynes Grey around the edges and white in the middle, blending the two together as they met.  Then the final layer I mixed some liquin into the white with a small amount of raw umber at the edges, blended as before.  The pupils were a battle.  Firstly I attempted to do them by mixing sap green with a little white, then blocking them in.  This didn't work so I took that back out with raw umber.  I fiddled about like this for about 3 days, then decided to block in the pupils with sap green and left it to dry.  Once dry I got a small amount of white on the brush and made white stripes all around the the eye and then smudged with fingers.  That gave the desired effect, just needed to add the highlights.

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