Wow, what a week I'm having, it's brilliant.  I went back to painting live at Gallery 150 yesterday, after a week's holiday, and found out that both of my paintings had sold.  I was also lucky enough to meet both of the buyers which made my day, week, fortnight, year!! I was so excited yesterday that I forgot to take a photo of the work that I had done, so ended up missing a day. 

I think I have almost finished this painting now, I have just got to mess it up a bit as it looks a bit to pristine.  So expect some blobs of fat and bits of tomatoe and juice around it.  I am also struggling a bit with the bacon so have returned it to the start (it looks a bit raw at the moment).  I think this is about it's 5th layer now.  It is also quite a lot bigger than I normally do and that might be why it's taking me longer. 

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