I have now added a layer of colour to this apple painting, still keeping it simple as you see.  I have added yellow, sap green and light red in stripes, oh and a little raw umber around the edges.   What I actually do with the raw umber is block in the background right up to the subject and then start to "pull" it in over the edges of the subject, blending it with the other colours.  I hope that makes sense.  I do this to try to give depth to the subject.  I will add another layer of colour tomorrow which might be the last one that it has.  It will just be highlights then.  I have also decided that I will put one of those union jack stickers on it, the only problem is that I dont have any on the apples that I bought.  I will head off to Tesco tomorrow and steal one of the stickers off the apples they have and stick it on mine, is that shoplifting?

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