There's something wrong with this page, still I'll carry on, you might see some odd things like the odd symbol here and there but I can assurre you it's not me doing it.  I managed to get a little bit done to this before I went out today.  I have started to add more highlights and lowlights.  It never ceases to amaze me what a little bit of white paint will do, then I tend to overdo that.  I have added a small amount of colour permanent alzarin crimson to different areas of the face and have also started to bring the general skin tone in.  The colours for the skin tone are a mix of yellow ochre, burnt umber, flesh tint and white.  I still have to do the hair properly and put in all of the shadows.  I also went over to Rugby Art Gallery to act as Steward for a couple of hours over the lunchtime, you meet some great people doing that.

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