I have got a small amount of work done today.  In fact I was almost late for the AGM of Coventry and Warwickshire Society of Artists.  Got a little tale to tell about that too, I rushed out of the house forgetting to check where exactly the venue was but when I arrived in the village I saw a few cars arriving at the school so I thought, "that's where it is", parked up and went inside.  It was all set up for someone's birthday party so I had to back out the door with great haste.  Finally found where it was, I have been nominated as the publicity person so, here is the link to CWSA as we need lots of new artists to come and join us.  It was the best thing that I did last year, paid my £12 for a whole year's membership and I ended up exhibiting a few times.  Got lots of lovely feedback and met some really brilliant people.  They are celebrating their centenary in 2012 and have been given space at The Herbert Gallery in Coventry to hold a huge exhibition so it's worth joining just to be a part of that, me thinks.

Anyway back to today's work, I have been building up the layers on this Calla/Arum Lilly that I have been doing.  Still using monotone on the flower bit but have managed to start laying colour on to the stem.  Colours I am using are titanium white, lamp black and sap green.


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