Today I started another oil of a dog called Scruff.  He is a terrier. this is just the underpainting although some of the fur might stay like this.  The nose will definately change, that will be black.  The colours I have used are raw umber for the background, titanium beige for the rest. 

I had another almighty shock today.  I joined Saatchi online a couple of months ago and discovered they have this monthly competition thing called Showdown.  I stuck one of my paintings into it, not really expecting anything at all and certainly not expecting anyone to vote for it.  I remembered today that I had done that so took a look, there were 170 votes for it, WHAT!  I was completely blown away, of course, it could be that all of the others have 1000 but who cares, I have got 170.  I tweeted this and people that I talk to on there have also voted, bless em, and now I have 200.  I'll put the link to down below if anyone wants to vote aswell I would be really happy.



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