I've been really busy but not on the painting side.  I have been preparing lots of paintings that are going out at the end of this month and the start of April.  I have been documenting and labelling ten paintings all together and that's not including the two that are still at the framers.  That's not to say that the framers are taking a long time, I only took them there last week.  I didn't say that the reason it took me so long to do all this labelling is because I have a new pc.  With that new pc I have Windows 7, what a nightmare, I couldn't even find Word let alone the labels.  Still got there in the end.

So where are we off to this month and April.  First it's over to The Herbert Gallery in Coventry, West Midlands.  About a week later it's off to Rugby Art Gallery then over to Worcester Art Gallery.  I have also got one going into The Lock Gallery in Coventry about the middle of April.  After that it's the Kenilworth Festival, which is May, that was the first one I put any work into last year and, amazingly, I came fourth best in show.  That spurred me on to submit further paintings to other shows and that's how it all started, I think.

I have to go now, having real problems with this keyboard, some of the letters have stopped working so I'm having to think of other words to use.  I cant even tell you which ones are not working because they dont show up....look..... net, that is not supposed to say net, it should have a letter in front of the t making it say net.  Oh I give up.  thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to look at my site, I really appreciate it you know.

P.S. I just let hubby know that the keyboard wasn't working and he's fixed it, he had a look and turned it upside down, gave it a shake, then a tap, lots of bits of crisps and biscuit crumbs fell out.  Now it works, the word that I was trying to use was next but, I know you'll bare with me on this one, I really cant be arsed to go through and write it all again so I'll leave it like this. By for now, lots of love Wendy.

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