Nearly forgot to post a blog today, that's age for you and, whilst I'm on the subject of age, who said "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"?  This old dog is definately getting the hang of using this website and it's only taken 2 weeks.
Started this new painting today, it's of an African woman and, hopefully, I can give her the emotion that I want once it really gets underway.  At the moment I have just done a basic sketch of where all her bits go and then started to block in with raw umber and titanium beige.  This will dry fairly quickly because it is very thin and then I can start putting in the shadows.  This is a bit of a different way of doing things for me because usually I will cover the whole canvas in raw umber and then sketch in the beige over the top.  This time I have tried to pay more attention to detail and get everything in the right place with a graphite stick first.  As usual still a long way to go with it but I will keep you posted.
I haven't forgotten the other ones I've started they are still drying and one of them I'm having to think about to see where I go next with it.  Bye for now.

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