Had to start another because the other one isn't dry enough to work on (well I put a couple of white blobs of paint on it but that was all).  I dont know if you can tell what this one is going to be, I know because I'm doing it.  This is just the underpainting and, with this one, I did roughly sketch in the details. 

How did I come up with this one?  It was an accident, I was sitting there looking at a blank canvas wondering what to do and I decided I fancied a grape so I picked them up to pull one off ( or two, or three) and this is what I saw.  A wrinkled old hand holding a bunch of lovely smooth grapes.  I am hoping that I can keep the light right in the middle there where it is at the moment.  The only colours on here at the moment are raw umber and titanium white (there is a small amount of black in there too but it wasn't supposed to be, I stick my brush in the wrong bit of the pallette).

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