I am really late putting this on here, that's because, all afternoon I have been researching how to get out of paying a parking ticket that I got whilst going for my coffee earlier in town.  Job done, all I have to do is go and check the offending area and send off the letter. 

I have started yet another paintings because all of the others are so wet and I wont be able to do any work on them for quite a while.  This one is just 2 colours again, lamp black and titanium white and I am hoping to keep it that way.  I want the face to be just emerging from the shadows.  At the moment he seems to have a spotlight on his ear and the ear is the colour that the highlighted parts of the face will end up.  The only reason the face is greyer is because I am blending the white into the black.  Also I haven't started the left eye yet and that fluffy bit down the left hand side of the face will disappear.  I have not sketched this painting at all, I have done it by using splodges of white where there were highlights and just building it up gradually, that's why there is a fuzzy bit down the one side, the perspective was slightly out and I had to reduce down.

Should have some more done tomorrow and will put it on again then.  Toodle-pip!

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