I have started to add colour and hair to this portrait, I dont think that this will be the final flesh tone.  Colours I have used are burnt umber, yellow ochre, flesh tone and white.  For the hair I am using raw umber on white.  I haven't been able to work on the eyes yet as they are still tacky, I have found that if I start to go on top of it when it is at that stage it tends to "polish" the area and further paint will not sit on top at all.  So far I have lost 2 brushes doing this which is becoming the norm, I will have to try to figure out a way of painting that spares my brushes.  By the way she doesn't have any eyelashes yet either so her eyes do look a little bald.

I am now just about to start another, I dont know whether that will be on another update later or not just depends on how it goes.  This one is going to be a Dahlia, a little different to the usual portraits.

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