Spend another couple of hours on this today and, I think, it's getting there.  Of course, as time progresses so the poor old corn that I am looking is getting older and the leaves have started to curl up, hence that funny looking twisty bit.  I have added another layer of yellow to the corns and more green and white to the leaves.  I think this is going to need a few layers of those colours.  At the end I will also probably wash raw umber over most of it.  The leaves should be striped but I wont do that until the end.  Colours used are still the same as before, Cadium yellow hue, sap green, titanium white and raw umber.  Now I must do some more work on the shell that I started earlier in the week. 

By the way, if you happen to be in Coventry, West Midlands during September/October, I have two paintings that are in The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum which is just across the way from The Cathedral.  It is The Consortium Exhibition and runs from 15 September until 20 October.

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