Have done lots more on the clock.  Actually I have started this painting all the wrong way around.  I should have done the background first and then put the detail in on the rest but, hey ho, I like to make work for myself.  I dont know if you can tell yet, this is a clock that has stopped and is on a wall where all the paint is peeling away.  As I said yesterday I saw the image in The Sunday Times magazine.  It is a clock that is in the former Cass Technical High School Building in Detroit.  The school moved out in 2005 leaving the building to decay.  What fascinates me in the photograph is the way in which the face of the clock appears to have melted.  I have not put the detail of that in yet, it will probably be the very last thing I do.  Also the black will take about a week to dry so I will have to leave it until then anyway.  Colours used are Viridian, Titanium white, lamp black, light red, raw umber and Prussian blue.

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