Whoops I nearly forgot to update the diary, think I've just about got in today.  I updated my facebook page earlier, went off and did something else and then completely forgot that to update this one.  What I have been doing with this is trying to create the 3d effect with the shell and I have been only working on the top at the moment.  The main body of the shell has had nothing done to it.  I couldn't seem to get the open part of the shell to appear to be sitting above the rest of it but it looks like it's getting there now.  I was making the mistake of working on the inside when all I needed to do was to add more definition to the outside, once that was done Eureka!  Tomorrow I will start to work on the main body of the shell and will be, hopefully, giving that the same treatment.  Colours used are just raw umber and white this time. 

By the way tomorrow is the Private View of the Consortium Exhibition at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry, West Midland, UK.  My husband and I are going along to that then going out for a meal at Cosmo, a brilliant restaurant in Coventry. 

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