I started to continue with this piece today at about 9.30am.  Now it's 2.oopm and this is as far as I have got.  I have also managed to destroy one brush in completing it so far.  I haven't worked at all on the body or face just doing his jeans at the mo.  This is really unusual for me because I cant stand fiddley work preferring to get it done very quickly.  Still I will persevere and hopefully it will be ok when I've finished.  I know when I resume work on the body I am going to have to move the positioning of the left breast because that's not quite right.
I haven't been out at all today because we are having heavy snow, thank goodness I still have enough provisions in to cover us for dinner tonight.  I have also just received notification that work for The Herbert Gallery Open is due in March so I now have to pick three paintings to submit for that.  I hope I'm as lucky as I was for Rugby and manage to get one in there.


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