Look at the state of it, paintings everywhere.  I have been trying to organise all of the paintings that I am taking to The Newbold Comyn Arms, Newbold Common, Leamington Spa on Sunday for an exhibition called "Art on the Railings".  There will be other artists there with their work so, no doubt, I will be left feeling very inferior again.  I am taking a few that are not framed so those are much cheaper than the framed ones.  I am going to take quite a few so that I can swap them around as and when.  I hope we get lots of visitors because it's for a very good cause, Zoes Baby Hospice.

I cant take any of the latest ones because they are still too wet, I would have quite liked to have taken Samuel L Jackson with me but never mind.  I have printed lots of postcards and some of those have that painting on them. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend and that the weather is kind to you whatever you might be doing.

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